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Quay Fitness: Staying Fit in Lockdown

By April 6, 2020January 21st, 2021No Comments

So right now everyone is in the same boat. Just as everyone in the UK (and most of the world), personal trainers, athletes and everyone in between are in lockdown.

Here at Quay Fitness, we are all using this time to help our personal training clients stay as fit and active as possible even with the gym being closed.

So here are our top tips for staying fit, active and happy during this time.

  1. Create a routine. All of us have had our routines thrown out of whack so creating a new one is key. Start by setting a regular to wake up and a regular time to eat meals and workout. Make it achievable and realistic to your current work routine too.
  2. Utilise fitness professionals. All of the personal trainers in our team are offering something. We may not be able to run sessions in the gym but we can still keep you staying fit and active at home. Most of us are offering online coaching, virtual personal training sessions or free live workout classes you can join in with!
  3. Make movement part of your day. The little things make a big difference. Try to make movement just part of your daily life. Maybe try to create a standing up desk, complete 20 squats every time you pass through a doorway or do a wall-sit whilst you brush your teeth. Whatever you do, make movement and small exercises part of your daily lifestyle. Some people are struggling to commit to a whole exercise class right now but no one has an excuse for not adding some extra movement in some form into their days.
  4. Get creative. I have seen clients create squat racks from chairs and piping. I have seen multiple uses of sacks of potatoes and I am currently deadlifting jerry cans. Get creative! You may not have an expensive home gym (and nothing will quite compare to Quay Fitness in our opinion anyway) but that doesn’t mean you can’t start curling wine bottles or squatting small dogs!
  5. Try something else. Maybe you have only ever enjoyed lifting weights? Well now might be the time to try running! Or yoga, or Pilates! It might be different from your normal gym routine but working out in any way you fancy right now is better than nothing! Explore our beautiful Quayside in Exeter and try completing some sprints to get that heart rate up or try a YouTube yoga class. Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t fancy your usual method of exercise- do whatever you fancy.
  6. Look after your mental as well as your physical health. Remember you can still over-exercise even at home. Just as you can’t train all day every day normally- you shouldn’t now either. You can’t do HIIT sessions four times a day, you can’t run 20miles every day, you also need to find a balanced and sustainable routine. Make sure you take rest days, keep your mobility up and make sure you recover from workouts so that you can keep pushing and continue making progress.
  7. Make it social and fun! If you are in lockdown with someone then get them involved! Plan partner workouts, have a zoom workout party or an Instagram live workout! Put on some great tunes and make it fun.

It’s a weird, uncertain and anxious time. Utilise the physical and mental health benefits of exercise to keep yourself and your lockdown buddies sane! Remember we are all here to help too so please reach out with any questions or if you need any support. Together we shall all get through this!